Inter-office chat

Simplify dental office communication with a cutting-edge chat system.

As part of our all-in-one software suite, we are excited to introduce our new team chat feature. This feature streamlines communication, interactions, and emojis to improve collaboration and patient care among dental teams. By using this feature, you can expect to see improved team efficiency and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Revolutionize internal communication
in your practice

Elevate Team Collaboration

Connect office staff seamlessly with Team Chat. No more poor communication, more efficient team.

Stay Connected

Seamless communication and collaboration for your office staff. Acts like a virtual water cooler for discussions and updates. Improved productivity and better patient outcomes.

Empower Your Team:

Shape the Future of Your Practice with PMS Team Chat.

Finally, Synchronized Communication

Effortless Communication and Coordination for Dental Teams with Team Chat

Practice by Numbers revolutionizes the way dental teams communicate and coordinate, regardless of the number of locations. Say goodbye to clunky communication and hello to seamless coordination with our internal messaging system. Our app not only connects your team, but also makes chatting enjoyable and fun. Whether you have one location or multiple, Team Chat streamlines communication and keeps your dental team organized and in sync.

Unleash Collaboration with Individual or Group Chats

Take your dental practice to the next level with PMS team chat. Enjoy seamless communication and collaboration with your office staff. Our chat feature acts like a virtual water cooler, providing a platform for team members to discuss important topics and stay up-to-date on critical tasks. Whether you need a quick update or an in-depth conversation, PMS team chat allows for 1-on-1 and group conversations. Say goodbye to miscommunication and hello to improved productivity and better patient outcomes with PMS team chat.

Connect your entire practice

Stay in touch with your team members effortlessly, wherever you are in the office. Create individual or group chats in your dashboard and receive notifications for real-time communication. With our system, patient handoff will be a breeze.

Stay Ahead of the Game with PMS Operatory Alerts

Keep your dental practice running smoothly with real-time alerts for your operatories. Stay informed of scheduling conflicts, equipment malfunctions, and other critical tasks. These alerts ensure seamless communication between team members and minimize disruptions to your workflow. With PMS operatory alerts, you’ll never miss a beat and be able to respond quickly to ensure the best possible patient experience. Improve the efficiency and communication of your practice with PMS operatory alerts.

Yes, GIFs and emojis!

The Team Chat app offers a feature designed to bring excitement and cheer to the workplace. Internal communication is made more engaging and lighthearted with the integration of GIFs and emojis. Celebrate successes with a dance emoji or lighten the mood during a busy day with a humorous GIF. This feature fosters a positive and enjoyable work environment.

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