Cancellation Policy

Effective: 1/1/2017

Updated: 7/27/2018

Monthly Subscribers

Practice by Numbers collects all payments upfront for monthly subscription services. Once you sign up for services your setup fees and first month’s subscription fees will be immediately charged to your provided payment method. Additional usage charges may be billed in the following month in case of overages.

All services provided by Practice by Numbers are non-refundable. Most subscription products offered by Practice by Numbers are on a month-to month basis after the first 90 days. The exception to month to month subscription is when the customer pre-pays for a year or longer for an additional discount. If a pre-payment is made, under no circumstances a refund shall be issued if the customer changes their mind and wishes to cancel before their pre-payment period ends. All subscriptions at Practice by Numbers auto-renew on same calendar day it started on the next period. For example if a subscription began on the 15th of January, it will auto renew on the 15th of Feb for monthly subscribers and on 15th Jan next year for yearly subscribers.

At Practice by Numbers we want you to be completed satisfied by our technology and the service we provide. If you wish to cancel at anytime after the initial 90 days, send us a written request on You will need to provide us with 25 calendar days advance notice before your next subscription renews.

Un-installation of Practice by Numbers sync software

Practice by Numbers installs sync software on your server listed under the name PNServer which syncs data from your practice management system and our servers. You can remove this software by going into the Windows control panel’s uninstall programs list and removing the software package called “PNServer”. It is your responsibility to remove this software to stop the sync between your server and Practice by Numbers servers. Please let us know if you need help uninstalling it.

If you have any comments or questions, you may address them to Practice By Numbers, Inc., 11523 Avondale Road NE #115, Redmond WA 98052, or via email at