The Most Comprehensive Business Intelligence System You can get for Your Practice

Get key analytics to make the smartest decisions for your Practice. Achieve a new level of success through a leading software that delivers 600 key performance indicators, 100 data-rich graphics and tables, and more.

Why Do Dentists Need to
Get Inside the Numbers?

Save Time While
Gaining Knowledge

You’re a busy dentist running a successful practice and don’t have time to delve through endless data and numbers to evaluate your ROI. Now, within a few clicks, you can.

Establish and Achieve
Clear Goals

One of the hardest parts about running a practice is implementing accountability and goals – unless there’s a better way to track. Now, there is, and you can maximize SMART goals to hit your targets.

Reports, Metrics, and

With greater insights into your campaigns, marketing efforts, and patient outreach strategies, you can make more informed decisions for your practice – and increase your ROI.

Too many
moving parts?

Consolidate data from different systems.

  • Practice Management System
  • QuickBooks
  • Phones 
  • Marketing 
  • Google 
  • Facebook
  • Insurances

The Practice By
Numbers Difference

Having healthy data hygiene is just as important as dental hygiene. With Practice IQ from Practice By Numbers, you access customizable dashboards that deliver your most important metrics so you can get a full, 360-degree view of how your practice is performing in all aspects. From insurance analysis to marketing ROI to business overhead, you can easily view must-know information all at a glance while creating actionable plans and tasks to keep your practice running smoothly 24/7.

Here’s a few of the many features you enjoy with Practice IQ – unique to other offerings in the industry.


View key information on your practice at a glance, including provider performance, insurance data, campaign ROI, and so much more.

Goal Management

What good are numbers without goals? Easily set up goals for any KPI at the practice or provider level. See all goals on a single easy-to-view page.

Revenue Finder

Customizable dashboards reveal where there’s opportunity for you to reach patients and maximize practice profitability.


Whereas some systems only allow a view of one practice, Practice IQ enables you to get a comprehensive view of multiple locations – all in an instant.


Each morning you can set specific dashboards for yourself and front office staff to ensure everyone starts their day on the same productive page. Maximize your day.


The system uses data to automatically assign actions and tasks, such as patient reminders, to free up staff time to focus on patients at the practice.


Curious about something in particular? No problem. With custom dashboards you can identify exactly what you want to see at a glance, in just a few clicks.

PMS Collection

When your PMS shows as collected, are you sure it made it to the bank? Do you rely on your bookkeeper? This allows you instant visibility to catch any errors or something more malicious.


With the most comprehensive and customizable dashboards, you can get a detailed look at your practice so you always keep a pulse on its health.


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Dr. Richard Witty

Marketing IQ has been an eye opening experience to say the least. It’s very helpful on understanding how effective our current marketing is, what kinds of patients we are attracting, how my staff are doing on the phones to convert them to patients, and much more. I’m going to use the information from Marketing IQ to make some changes to our Google AdWords to get a better ROI. PBN has also been very easy to talk openly about some suggestions and they have even helped pointed out some great ideas for me. Highly recommend!

Top 8 Reasons Why
Dentists Trust Practice IQ
for Their Practice Analytics

In an age where data is everywhere, using it to work for you is key. With Practice IQ, you get a
complete look into what’s truly going on inside your practice – so you can make smarter
decisions for your business.


Get a 360 View of Your Practice Performance

Easily see the health of your marketing campaigns, provider performance, busiest days of the week, insurance statistics and more.


Real-time Updates

With real-time updates integrated with your practice management system, dashboards show and monitor how you’re tracking toward your goals.


Get Actionable Data

Data without action is not useful, which is why the system automatically uses its data to create tasks and action – such as sending patient reminders or creating tasks for staff.


The Most Customizable Solution Available

In just a few clicks you can build your own dashboard to easily see the key information you’re looking for – instantly.


Create Accountability Through Data

Easily measure your targets and goals through micro-level KPIs that measure employee and provider performance.


Reveal Revenue Opportunities

Through the data, you can easily see which patients are pending treatments and send them recalls and reminders, contact patients about to go inactive, and more – all automatically.


PMS Agnostic

With Practice By Numbers, your reporting system becomes PMS agnostic. There’s no need to convert all of your practices into a single system, as we do the heavy lifting for you, so your DSO reporting becomes a breeze.


No Patient Left Behind

Through advanced, state-of-the-art automation tools, you can rest easy knowing no patient falls through the racks. Each patient is accounted for with a clear follow-up plan.

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