Phone IQ

Improve patient engagement, deliver exceptional customer service, and get smarter tracking and analytics with Phone IQ from Practice By Numbers. 

Get Smarter Tracking and
Deliver a Better Experience
When Patients Call Your Practice

Improve Patient

Instantly see who’s calling and get the details of a patient pulled up on the screen immediately.

Improve Staff Phone

Use call recordings to train staff, use it to coach staff on how to handle situations differently, and more.

Get Smarter Insights
for Your Practice

Understand where patients are coming from, call return rate, missed call rate, and so much more.


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Immediately Know Who
You’re Talking to When a
Patient Phones Your Practice

Provide a professional experience with your practice every step of the way. When a patient calls your practice, you will immediately understand who they are, the background of the patient, and so much more – all to guide your conversation for a successful experience.

When a patient calls, you’ll see: 

Patient name

Upcoming appointment details

Outstanding balances

Unscheduled treatment plans

Special requests or notes

And more !

Get Smarter Insights
About How Your
Practice is Handling Calls

With the Phone IQ software, you’ll instantly see who called your practice, if the office missed a call, your average missed call rate and return call rate, and more. This information is helpful to understand how your front office staff is handling the phone, where there may be less-than ideal patient experiences (e.g. if they can never get ahold of someone at the practice), and more.

Get detailed reports about your call rate data including:

Missed call rate

Return call rate

If the office has called a patient back

And more !


Hat Trick Rabbit dmd 

Practice by Numbers is an incredible resource
I second that, Practice by Numbers is an incredible resource. I just personally talked with the creator about some areas of clarification regarding the software, and he was very quick to help out and very friendly.
One thing I like is that it provides collection numbers, which is lacking in other software of this type.
It’s not clear to me why we shouldn’t be tracking our metrics and how doing that makes us robots. As a PPO heavy office, it would be suicide to not pay attention to the our numbers, production/collection/hygiene appointments, etc. Those dentists out there collecting a million or more without having to pay attention to metrics, my hats off to you, we are not as talented or as lucky as you.