Communicate with Patients in a More Meaningful, Useful, Effective Manner

Through call tracking, instant website chats, and Marketing ROI technology, enhance patient relationships and communications that maximize your practice’s profitability at the same time.

Take the Mystery
Out of Marketing

When it comes to marketing your practice, it goes far beyond a direct-mail reminder postcard. Instead, marketing encompasses all aspects of patient interactions with your practice from reading reviews online before they book an appointment to getting quick answers through your website. And, on your side, the ability to track these efforts to see what’s working, and what isn’t.

Gain Better Tracking and Insights

With the proper technologies in place, you can easily track your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what isn’t to make smarter decisions for your practice in the future.

Instant Patient Communication

Patients expect immediacy. By providing avenues to talk to patients through two way texting and an online chat, you keep the momentum going to encourage patients to contact your practice.

Reputation Marketing

A first impression starts well before a patient steps into your office. Take control of your online reputation through reputation marketing, and ensure patients can see what others are saying about you online.


The Practice By
Numbers Difference

Practice By Numbers takes the guesswork out of marketing with various technologies that help you easily track your efforts. And through a thoughtful approach during every step of the patient experience, you can guarantee patients have a great first impression and experience with your practice.

Call Tracking

Through dynamic phone numbers on your website, your phone system can easily track how and which campaigns are performing the strongest for your practice.

Plus, calls are automatically categorized so you can then market smarter to patients and increase campaign effectiveness.


Web Chat

Patients undoubtably will visit your website before an initial appointment – and will likely have questions. In an age of instant gratification, having a webchat on your website is a must.

Through webchat you can answer patient questions immediately while capturing key information about the patient to follow-up with them at a later date.


Marketing ROI

Market IQ from Practice by Numbers helps you get inside the details by understanding what is going on in terms of your practice’s return on investment on your marketing efforts. You can quickly see how much you spent, and how much a campaign brought in – so you can make smarter decisions for your practice.


Patient Reviews

One of the first impressions a new patient will have of your practice is online reviews. Get ahead of the competition by making it easy for current patients to share their 5-star experiences with you through automated patient review reminders.


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In the end, we just needed simple and reliable metrics, we are using PBN  and that’s been a great product. There’s a ton of customization – different dashboards for hyg, front office and doc that are probably used by consultants – several different dashboards for hygiene tracking for example. Best of all no contracts. We’ve been using it about a year and are still happy. We use it for following front office financials and seeing provider production metrics, not too much on treatment planning and tx acceptance. 

Top 6 Reasons Why Dentists
Trust Market IQ for Their Practice’s
Marketing Strategy

To market your practice effectively, you need to ensure every touch point that a patient
has with your practice is thoughtful, timely, and accurate. Through Practice By
Numbers’ approach to marketing, you can ensure patients easily communicate with your practice
and get an incredible first-impression, all while you track the various marketing efforts to see your true ROI.


Easily track your phone calls

Understand where your callers and new patients are coming from with dynamic numbers that change on your website based on the campaign.


Record Conversations for Learnings

All tracked calls are recorded, which means you can use them to train staff, identify any pain points, and learn more about the needs of your patients.


Deliver Instant Patient Communications

Immediately answer patient questions so they don’t lose momentum when choosing a new dentist through an easy-to-use, interactive webchat feature.


Maximize your Investments

Through Marketing ROI you can get a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, so you can maximize your investments.


Create an Unforgettable First Impression

By encouraging patients to share their 5-star experiences online, you can create a positive first impression to prospective new patients.


Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing

With a comprehensive dashboard and thorough tracking on your marketing, you can maximize your spend on campaigns that are working and delivering the highest ROI for your practice.

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