Marketing ROI

Stop wasting precious marketing dollars by getting a software that helps you make smarter decisions about where you’re spending and getting the most new patient leads.

For those looking at a practice metric software program, I recommend Practice by Numbers. It’s helped me look at my KPIs on a monthly basis. You can access this on your phone or on desktop. I am even more excited that they have added features like review campaigns, post op campaigns, web chat, marketing source analysis, and so much more. As a business owner that needs a work life balance, i don’t have to work with multiple vendors to accomplish all the above. For those that use PBN, I’d love to hear what feature you like best, since I am still learning how to maximize the software.

Do you know where your
marketing dollars are

If you’re like most dentists, the answer is ‘no.’ Many practices spend a ton of money on marketing, but have no idea if it’s actually generating a return for their practice. Now, with Marketing ROI from Practice By Numbers, you can easily view all of this information and more to make smarter decisions for your practice.

Easily see new patient lead
conversions by source

Seamless integration with
your practice
management software
and Quickbooks

Get actionable insights so
you can make smarter
decisions for your practice

Understand which marketing
campaigns are top –

Identify which marketing
campaigns should be paused
or stopped

Maximize your practice ROI
and lead conversions of
potential new patients into
current patients

Easily see the number
of new patients (leads)
generated from your
marketing campaigns

Through the dental marketing dashboard provided by Market IQ, dentists can now easily see the number of new patients (leads) generated from a particular dental marketing campaign. By using a unique technology called dynamic number insertion, the dental KPI software tracks the true lead source of all online leads.

By easily seeing new patient lead conversions by each source, you can easily identify your best performing, and worst performing campaigns and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

Spend Marketing
Dollars Smarter

Acquiring a new patient is not cheap, making it critical to understand which dental marketing channels are performing best for your practice. With Marketing ROI, you can easily see both the total production booked and production for each specific new patient lead source.

Plus, seamless integration with your dental practice management software and Quick books ensures your practice understands the dental ROI (return on investment) and indicates where you may want to keep running campaigns, or make adjustments.

Evaluate each
lead source.

Identify which
marketing campaigns
are performing best.

Deliver greater results
and profitability to
your practice.

Convert New Leads into
Your New Patients

Market IQ makes it easy for your practice to follow-up with patients, and gives you insights into phone calls, conversations, and more – so you can better understand how new leads are being handled when they call your practice for their initial appointment.


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