Create SMART, trackable, measurable, and attainable goals for any key performance indicator at both the practice or provider level.


Dr. Tajik

Get a total picture of your practice

I had been looking for an analytic software like this and I’m very happy with the service. I used to work for a PDS supported corp practice so looking at numbers and stats became a part of my daily routine.
Practice by numbers also ties into quickbooks so you can get a total picture of your practice all in one place. So far so good, I have already identified a few weak spots and made it very easy to communicate it to my staff.

Have you ever struggled to hold others in your practice accountable, or wanted an easier way to track if goals were actually met?

It’s an incredible waste of time to set goals incorrectly or in the wrong way. When goals are either unclear, unattainable, or untraceable, it heightens the risk of a goal not being met – and could have a negative impact on your practice.

The upside to proper goal setting and goal management? The more attainable and clear goals are – you can better engage your staff – which leads to higher patient satisfaction and greater revenue for your practice.

With our unique functionality, you’re able to easily monitor how you and your team are tracking toward various goals in one central dashboard.

Keep team

Get at-a-glance
reporting to show you
how you’re tracking
toward goals

Understand performance
of your entire
office and staff

Take Your Practice Where
You Want it To Go

Clearly set, communicate, and achieve your goals through transparent goal setting and management.


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Ensure Each Individual at
Your Practice is Performing at
Their Optimum Potential

How often are you creating goals and setting true expectations with your staff? And, if a goal is set, how often are you tracking toward that goal?

With Goal Management from Practice By Numbers, you get deeper tracking toward the goals that your office has – and how the individuals in your office are helping contribute to meeting these goals.

Not only will this set you apart from other dental practices, it will give your team a clear focus to achieve their highest potential.

Drill Down into the
Details of Your Practice

Do you know what percentage of patients are scheduled to come back to one of your hygienists? Do you know the average treatment acceptance rate of other doctors at your practice? What about the total amount of production that a doctor is producing per hour?

Most dental practices surprisingly don’t know this key information – and it’s dramatically, negatively impacting their bottom line.

Set yourself apart with a software that can easily manage this type of information and more – so you can see how doctors and staff are performing at your practice. You can easily see how well doctors are building trust with patients, which staff members are bringing highest profitability to your practice, and so much more.

Get Must-Know Information

All of your KPIs entered will appear in a green, red, yellow format to help you easily view which goals are met, close to being met, or off-base. This helps you immediately prioritize and strategize for a greater outcome.

Drill-Down Metrics

With the Practice by Numbers software, you can set goals at an office, provider, and team member level, so you can easily track how each person is performing.

Keep Team Members

When every person at your practice is clear on their goals, and knows what they are working toward, it is more often achieved. And, when you have a method in place to track their success, it motivates the team and holds each individual accountable.