Many dental practices with multiple locations have similar problems: a lack of data, data allover the place, and outdated spreadsheets. With Practice by Numbers, you can easily view your communications, metrics, and add accountability across all of your locations, all in one unified platform.

Give your practice the gift of real-time, unified, seamless data – all from one dashboard

Most dental offices are juggling enough – between patients, recalls and reminders, marketing, recall and more – the last thing you need is multiple software and systems to manage. With Practice By Numbers, our enterprise dashboards give you need-to-know information that’s most important to you, all at a glance.


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Customize Your Dashboards, Your Way

With over 400 KPIs to choose from, you can easily create a custom dashboard so you can view the information that’s most important to you, all at-a-glance.

Instant, Easy Access to Your Most Important Information Across All Practice Locations with Single Sign On

Many dental practices struggle to have accurate, thorough reporting and management.Whether you have five locations or 500 offices, Practice By Numbers brings all of your data together with single sign on so you can monitor the progress and performance of your staff across the entire organization. We help you take the guess work out of your job, so you can make smarter, action able decisions and accurately monitor how your practice(s) are performing. 

Understand Your Top Performers and Identify Critical Areas of Opportunity

When you have multiple practices, you can’t be everywhere at once – but your management software can be for you. With our software you gain deeper insights to look at production across your entire organization to see who your top performers are, and identify areas that need more work.

The Most Complete Enterprise Dashboard Solution for Dental Practices

You’re a busy dentist looking for a way to scale your practices faster, more efficiently, and effectively. Practice By Numbers gives you dashboards that are customizable, flexible, easy to export and drill down futher based on your needs – so you can make smarter decisions for your practice.  

  • Over 400 KPIs to choose from
  • Customized dashboards and reporting
  • Single sign on
  • High level and drill-down details available

How Will an Enterprise Dashboard Help Your Practice?

You can run your practices like a true CEO with key details about your practice in one, easy-to-use dashboard.


Discover hidden opportunities


Better understand how each practice is performing


Identify opportuniti es to uncover hidden revenue


Maximize your practice’s efficiency and accountability


And so much more


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