Daily Huddle

Looking for a way to not only maximize productivity and the output of each member, but also enhance the patient experience by providing additional personalization to their visit? Look no further. With the features of the Practice by Numbers platform, you can motivate your team while maximizing productivity, revenue, and personalize the entire patient experience.

Start the Day on a Successful
note with Just 10 Minutes

“If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” Don’t let this be the narrative of your practice!

The Practice by Numbers software is fully automated and helps you set appropriate goals and strategies to maximize revenue opportunities for the day. By helping your team understand the key goals, it removes distractions, helps the team stay focused, improves patient satisfaction, and streamlines processes at your office.

Not only will your team start their days aligned, but information shared can set your practice apart by delivering an individualized, personalized patient experience. You and your staff will be able to quickly identify conversation starters like “how was your birthday last week?” to thanking them for their referral, all ensuring the patient experience is relevant, personalized, and tailored to each individual.


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Review Yesterday’s

You can start your morning huddle by reviewing the day prior’s numbers. Make sure to celebrate successes and create action items for areas that need attention. By reviewing, celebrating, and acting on goals – you hold greater accountability throughout your practice where everyone feels involved.

Compare the Day’s
Scheduled Production
versus the Daily Goal

It’s important to inform the team if the current day is scheduled at the daily goal or not. If it isn’t, it helps your team create a plan on how they can make up the difference based on opportunities presented in the automated huddle. When people are clear on goals, they become easier to achieve.

Highlight New
Patients for the Day

To be successful, your practice must make an unforgettable impression to new patients, as it costs much more to attract a new patient than to retain an existing one. Ensure your team is aware of new patients that are entering your practice that day so they can give the white-glove service they deserve.

Identify Pending Balances

In your morning huddle, make sure to identify patients who will be coming in with a balance as it should be taken care of in their appointment. Make sure your staff is comfortable with how they will approach the topic to avoid offending patients and risking a poor review online.

Provide a Patient – Centered

You only see each patient a few times a year. Make sure to leave a lasting impression when nurturing your relationship with them by delivering a personable, memorable experience.

Through the daily huddle feature, you can call out mentions to be aware of throughout the day. For example, you can learn if a patient recently had a birthday, or thank them for a referral or positive review. All of these little, personalized gestures can go a long way in forming long-lasting, meaningful relationships that keep patients loyal to your practice for years to come.

Identify Pending Treatment

During your morning huddle, you can call out which patients have pending treatment opportunities and ensure you include this in your talk-track when interacting with the patient(s) you see that day. You can use this as a cue for staff to mention it, ask questions to the patient about why they may be hesitant to schedule, and make sure they book those necessary appointments to keep their oral health in tip-top shape.

Unscheduled Family

When patients come in, you can mention to them if their kids have an unscheduled appointment, and use this time as a friendly reminder to prompt appointments to be made.