Deliver a Better Patient Experience with Phone Call Tracking

Ensure a flawless patient experience with every touchpoint to your practice, while also measuring the performance of your front office staff.

Increase Patient Appointments with Practice By Numbers

Your phone interactions are an essential part of running a practice, but they can cause major patient frustration if they aren’t handled well. Long wait times, a clunky experience, an unhappy office staff member – and more – are all things that can go wrong and turn a patient off from wanting to continue seeing your practice.

Through Practice By Numbers call tracking software, you help ensure patients have a streamlined and seamless interaction with your practice each time they call in. Plus, you can easily measure the performance and dialog of your front staff with patients.

Measure New
Patient Conversions

Follow calls from new practice contacts through to new patient visits and easily identify which marketing campaigns are driving the most new leads to your practice.

Stop Fumbling for
Information – Get it All
In an Instant

When a patient calls, gone are the days where they have the patience to wait while you find their information. Instead, get all of this data instantly.

Maximize Your
Practice ROI

If you don’t have the right system in place, tracking and following up on missed calls can be a nightmare, and causes you to miss out on new patients or existing patients. Our software eliminates these obstacles through call tracking and reporting.

Make Every Patient Feel
Special with Smart Caller-ID

A patient’s experience is a cumulation of the various micro-moments they have with your practice. Make them feel special by instantly recognizing and knowing who they are when they call your practice.

With smart caller-ID, your front office staff will instantly see information about the patient calling, including:

Patient name

Treatment plan appointments

Outstanding balances

Personalized notes

And more!

Seamless Integration
with Existing Phone Lines

We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can easily access our phone call tracking software. There’s no need to change your phone number, and our software fully integrates with any existing phone system as it works with most landline phone providers and VOIP.

Deliver an Unforgettable
First Impression with
New Patients

PhoneIQ from Practice by Numbers will show your staff when a potential new patient is calling the office, to make extra sure they answer the phone with a smile and collect all necessary information.

Staff can then confirm if unknown callers are new patients, and the software will automatically measure the percentage of new patients that are calling the practice and making appointments. You can then use this information to better understand if new callers are converting your new patients, and if not, you can work to identify what may be the cause.

Get Key Insights About
Phone Management at
Your Practice

Our software will measure and cut the data behind your phone call records so you don’t have to – but you can make smarter decisions for your practice. 

The system will measure missed calls, and track if and when a team member returned them to ensure no potential, new, or existing patient falls through the cracks.

Get an Inside Look at Your
Practice’s Phone Performance

Through our software, you unlock endless information about current and potential patients, which will give you more data, and help you create more personalized care and communications to patients to deliver an experience they love.

From analyzing the time of most missed calls, to understanding the most common types of insurance people request, Practice By Numbers gives you a phone system that goes above and beyond other tools by being truly data-driven and action-oriented. 


Learn when you’re missing calls most frequently


Understand how much time your staff spends on the phone


Measure which insurances are taking the most time to verify details over the phone


View full phone logs on the web and app


And more


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