Fragmented and outdated dental practice management software can keep you from reaching your goals. We have created the very best tools all within a single platform to help you unlock your practice’s full potential.

Attract More Business

Your practice is busy with patients to see and things to do. Practice by Numbers provides a helping hand by enabling you to engage with patients instantly with online scheduling, two-way texting, call tracking, and web chats. Remind patients of upcoming visits and match open appointment slots with suitable patients, increasing bookings while efficiently managing gaps in your schedule.

Dashboards and customizable reports help you monitor marketing ROI so you can see what strategies are effective and which are not. Plus, we help you encourage your existing patients to leave a 5-star review about your practice right after the appointment.

Streamline Your Office

While you may have high-level goals for office productivity, every day manual tasks and inefficient processes can get in the way of staff reaching those goals.

Our automated and streamlined scheduling features will help your practice optimize appointment bookings and reduce scheduling conflicts. Patient management becomes seamless with accessible and accurate paperwork, enabling better coordination of care among staff. Integrated messaging systems automate effective patient engagement for appointments, reminders, and follow-ups. Additionally, bulk insurance verification will save you hours every week.

Boost Your Profitability

Having healthy data hygiene is just as important as dental hygiene. Practice by Numbers provides customizable dashboards with 600+ key metrics to offer visibility into areas of strength and areas for improvement. Create SMART goals that are trackable and attainable for any key performance indicator at both the practice or provider level. Effortlessly manage accounts receivable and collect outstanding balances, identify revenue growth opportunities, align your team’s efforts with your practice’s goals, optimize scheduling to maximize productivity, and much more.

Strengthen Patient Relationships

Every patient interaction is important, and we are here to help you strengthen relationships and reduce patient loss. Create custom lists using 40+ filters for personalized follow-up, text message campaigns, phone call reminders, and email blasts to easily reach patients and keep them engaged. Use custom tags and saved queries and reference at any time. Instantly see who’s calling with patient details pulled up on the screen, view return and missed call rates, and so much more. You can even set up automatic triggers to email and/or text happy birthday wishes or to remind a patient to schedule an appointment.

Simple Integration

Practice by Numbers integrates with the most popular practice management software so your entire team can sync all your practice acvitity with one simple platform!


Dr Loeta Robles

I like receiving daily emails from Practice by Numbers showing me the numbers without me being there; even when I am on vacation. Our team could not function without the information from Practice by Numbers.