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How To Make the Most of Your Daily Huddle

October 25, 2023 5 minutes To Read

Managing a dental office involves several moving pieces. From answering calls, booking appointments, and taking care of patients in the office, it’s easy to get lost in the daily tasks. Having a Daily Huddle sets specific goals and strategies for team members, helping them prioritize tasks, remove distractions and increase productivity. The morning huddle is the perfect opportunity to review the previous day’s numbers, celebrate successes, and create action items for the day ahead. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the benefits and objectives of a Daily Huddle and provide tips on how to make it most effective.

What is a daily huddle?

A daily huddle is a short meeting where the dental team gathers together to review the previous day’s performance, discuss their priorities for the day ahead, and align their goals and strategies to maximize revenue and patient satisfaction. The huddle typically lasts around 10 to 15 minutes and takes place at the start of each workday. In some instances, such as larger practices or staggered shifts, it may be necessary to hold multiple meetings. Having a Daily Huddle report that can be easily accessed throughout the day helps make sure everyone stays on the same page. Office communication platforms like TeamChat and PatientFlow are great tools to keep everyone in the loop and ensure the day runs smoothly.

Why should you have a daily huddle?

A daily huddle offers a platform for team members to come together and discuss the status of the practice. During the huddle, members can talk about the day’s scheduled production versus the daily goal, any concerns, possible solutions, and the action plan to address them. The huddle lets everyone know what’s going on, which leads to better collaboration among team members.

By sharing daily updates, the entire team is informed and on the same page, which leads to a more productive and efficient workflow. Additionally, daily huddles offer an opportunity to identify and address patient care concerns and opportunities for improvement, leading to improved patient satisfaction and relationships. Daily huddles can also help team members stay motivated and engaged, leading to better patient care and outcomes.

The Daily Huddle feature of Practice by Numbers offers a detailed view of key performance metrics which help dental practices identify growth opportunities and strategies to achieve them. The huddle enables practices to address areas such as outstanding balances, treatment opportunities, and new patients, helping your practice sustain growth and profitability.

What should a daily huddle cover?

1. Review Yesterday’s Performance

To kick things off, start by reviewing yesterday’s performance. The goal here is to celebrate successes, pinpoint areas of improvement, and spot any chances that might have been missed. By having a crystal-clear view of practice performance, assessing actuals vs goals, your team can understand where to direct their efforts to meet your production targets. Some key metrics you’ll want to cover include Production, Collections, Hygiene Pre-Appointment Rate, Treatment Acceptance Rate, and Same Day Treatment.

Remember that reviewing these numbers isn’t just about looking backward; it’s about using that information to chart a path forward towards even greater success.

2. Prepare for Today

Next on the agenda is a quick review of today’s schedule. This is an excellent time for team members to evaluate the production goals for each doctor and hygienist. Are you making progress toward your targets? Are there any gaps that need to be filled?

Explore opportunities by reviewing patients coming in with unscheduled treatment and unscheduled hygiene, as well as considering unscheduled family members who might be added to the schedule. Check for patient balances, ensuring that your front desk team can address any outstanding financial matters while the patient is present at your practice. Don’t forget the little things that make a big impact, like recognizing patient birthdays, new patients, and top referring patients. And of course you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity to address any patients with incomplete info.

3. Plan for Tomorrow

Finally, take a peek at tomorrow’s huddle. By looking ahead, you can uncover chances to boost production for the upcoming day. This forward-thinking approach is instrumental in devising strategies that cater to both immediate and future goals within your dental office. You’ll want to review the same information you looked at in the previous step, but for tomorrow’s schedule to see if there are any patient or scheduling needs that can be addressed ahead of time to give you a jump start on tomorrow’s huddle!

In conclusion, daily huddles create an opportunity for team members to review their practice’s performance, set goals, and strategies to achieve them. The huddle helps foster open communication, collaboration among team members, prioritize productivity, and identify opportunities for growth. It creates a sense of accountability and helps personalize the patient experience. 

Practice by Numbers offers a comprehensive Daily Huddle feature, emphasizing the importance of preparation and goal alignment in achieving success, and is a great tool for implementing daily huddles in dental offices without having to spend valuable time pulling reports and digging through your practice management system! Start the day on a successful note in just 10 minutes – implement daily huddles in your dental office today, and experience the benefits for yourself!

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