Earn $200 for each of your referrals

Learn About Our Referral Program

Earn $200 for each of your referrals

Learn About Our Referral Program

Referral Program

I thank you for using Practice by Numbers products. At Practice by Numbers we offer a referral program for our existing customers who refer their friends to us.

As a token of our thanks to you, we will send your practice $200 for each of your friends who signs up with us.

– Rohit Garg


Practice by Numbers

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Practice by Numbers Referral Program for Active Customers

Practice by Numbers (PbN) Referral Program for Active Customers is only applicable to customers who have an active service for any of PbN products.

  • Referral credits are for sales made directly because of your referral.
  • There are no payout limits, the more you refer the more you can earn.
  • There shall only be one referral credit paid per referred customer.
  • The referral credit will be based on referred customer providing us with the source of the referral. In case of a conflict, we shall make the final decision on who receives the referral credit.
  • Practices referred by doctors who manage or have a stake in the practice shall not be considered as referrals. There are other programs available for multi-practice owners.
  • Referral credits will be paid out on a quarterly basis. Referral credits will be paid either as a credit towards an active service or as a check. If the referral credits total are greater than the cost of PbN service, you will receive a check each quarter.
  • We shall require a W9 on file before any referral credit checks can be created.
  • In case of a referral results in a zero revenue service, like a “Key opinion leader” (KOL) or a consultant, no referral credits will be paid. If the KOL relationship turns out to be beneficial to Practice by Numbers, we will provide a finders fees solely determined at our discretion.
  • Referral Program payments, guidelines and features can be changed or terminated at any time.

all I can say is WOW

After being a beta user and now using Practice by Numbers and Open Dental  all I can say is WOW !
Running a dental practice by gut feeling and without knowing the numbers is financial suicide in today's business environment.

Previously I used Dental Intel, a very good product. I like Practice by Numbers because 1. $200 per month vs 400-500 for other systems, (going on vacation with the savings !) 2. Customizable- format the way it makes sense to you and no "paralysis by analysis"  3. Month-to-Month, no contracts. It's pretty obvious this was started by practicing dentists it is so functional and intuitive. So far customer service has been outstanding. They have been responsive and listen to suggestions..

Dr. Lou Garcia

Get a total picture of your practice

I had been looking for an analytic software like this and I'm very happy with the service. I used to work for a PDS supported corp practice so looking at numbers and stats became a part of my daily routine.
Practice by numbers also ties into quickbooks so you can get a total picture of your practice all in one place. So far so good, I have already identified a few weak spots and made it very easy to communicate it to my staff.

Dr. Tajik

I just wanted to say how much we like Practice By Numbers. Not only has it given us great insight into how we are doing, but also incredible clarity about what we could be doing better. We just added PhoneIQ, which is amazing from a back office perspective and already helping our front-desk staff as well. What a great product. I hope you keep innovating and improving it so that will aid us in pushing the envelope on how we can provide the best patient care and experience possible.

Oliver Strube, Marketing, Raynor Dental

Game Changer

This software is a game changer. It gives an unprecedented look into your practice's numbers.

Rich Marlett, CIO, Atlas Dentistry

It is amazing how much the technology has evolved and it is so easy to see how we are doing. I know the usual metric is to look at hygiene recall, case acceptance percentage, incomplete treatment  yada yada, which this software does a great job of providing the needed data. What I find even more fascinating is the collection data from the different insurance companies, zip code and age of my patients. I know this data could perhaps be pulled from open dental but I never thought of looking at this data before. I think it will help me in marketing to certain zip code and dropping the bottom insurance companies.

TARDIS (Left on Dentaltown)

The fact that it is tied in with Quickbooks is awesome

Practice by Numbers can give you data that will make the office run more efficient and keep the owner informed. It is pulling data that we never had without a lot of extra work. The fact that it is tied in with Quickbooks is awesome.

I love the phone feature, A LOT!

Sandy Pardue (Left on Dental Town)

Practice by Numbers is an incredible resource

I second that, practice by numbers is an incredible resource. I just personally talked with the creator about some areas of clarification regarding the software, and he was very quick to help out, and very friendly.
One thing I like is that it provides collection numbers, which is lacking in other software of this type.
It's not clear to me why we shouldn't be tracking our metrics, and how doing that makes us robots. As a PPO heavy office, it would be suicide to not pay attention to the our numbers, production/collection/hygiene appointments, etc. Those dentists out there collecting a million or more without having to pay attention to metrics, my hats off to you, we are not as talented or as lucky as you   😉     😉

Hat_Trick_Rabbit_dmd (Left on Dentaltown)

I would highly recommend this software

We have been using practice by numbers for about 2 months now and our results have been nothing short of phenomenal. It is amazing how big a difference it can make when you can see the numbers clearly. For example, we thought we were reappointing hygiene patients, but since we started measuring it, it has gone up by 20-30%. Our goal is to schedule more appointments than scheduled for the day. My staff keep the dashboard open on the second screen all day and seeing numbers in real time give them a big sense of achievement. ...

The team at PBN is very approachable and fix issues right away. I was looking at Dental intel for some time but never got it due to high setup and monthly fees, but at $200 per month, PBN makes complete sense. I would highly recommend this software.

Dr. Anurag Gupta

Redmond Washington | Dental Practice Consultant Software