Stop Wasting Your Dental Marketing Dollars

Market IQ with Call-Tracking Reveals Your Best Return on Investment

Call Tracking for Dental Practices

Market IQ Takes the Mystery Out of Marketing

If you are spending money to market your dental practice, you could be wasting over 50% of it! Market IQ is a state of the art integrated Call Tracking software for dental offices that tracks the performance of all your marketing sources. Integration with your Practice Management and web analytics allows Market IQ to automatically reveal your winners and losers. Finally, you can fully understand your data and take action to grow your business without wasting money.

Easily Identify the Leads that Bring the Most Revenue

  • Track patient revenue from the each marketing source
  • Understand which marketing source brings you the most treatment plan and which ones have the highest acceptance rate
  • Understand which marketing source bring in the best patients with the least amount of cancelled or failed appointments

Fully Integrated Call Tracking

  • Create a different number for each marketing source
  • These unique phone numbers are assigned to all your online advertising. This allows Market IQ to track your leads from click to call to production in your office.
  • All new patient calls are automatically transcribed. This makes it easy to categorize the calls that did not convert and train your team to convert more leads.
  • Understand your true conversion rate for each of your marketing sources
  • Understand and track conversion performance for each of your team members

Google Analytics Integration

  • Market IQ integrates with Google Analytics to track all of your website activity

Market Your Dental Practice Like a Professional

Lead Source Value

Invest in the leads sources that give you the best clients.

Optimize R.O.I.

Market IQ reveals the best return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Convert More Leads

Call tracking and transcription allows you to train your team to convert more callers to new patients.

What our customers are saying.

“Marketing IQ has been an eye opening experience to say the least. It’s very helpful on understanding how effective our current marketing is, what kinds of patients we are attracting, how my staff are doing on the phones to convert them to patients, and much more. I’m going to use the information from Marketing IQ to make some changes to our Google AdWords to get a better ROI. PBN has also been very easy to talk openly about some suggestions and they have even helped pointed out some great ideas for me. Highly recommend!”

Dr. Richard Witty (posted on PbN Facebook group)

Maximize Your Marketing Return On Investment